Al MA’ZAR Al-Shamaly, Prince Turki Ben Abdulaziz Al-Awal ,
    Riyadh, KSA.
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Custodial Services

Cleaning and care services of dynamic facilities such as airports, ministries and hospitals is a sophisticated. important tasks that are difficult for ordinary cleaners to do; therefore, In order to ensure the best results, the company trains and develops staff through a specialized training cadre that gives the most important expertise and skills in the framework of Developing the general level and progress to global standards in the most significant way of cleaning and sterilization.
Our scope of work includes many tasks such as cleaning glass buildings, high ceilings and cleaning carpets and polishing marble floors with the best techniques on a daily, weekly, monthly and annually schedules through an environment that provides comfort and safety to building users.

  • Airports Airfield Pavements
  • Airports Airfield Grounds
  • Airports Airfield Drainage
  • Landside Pavements
  • Landside Grounds
  • Landside Drainage
  • Solid Waste Collection
  • Cleaning of Directional and Information Signs
  • Sweeping and Trash Collections
  • Vegetation Removal from Shoulders, Slopes Embankments, etc